Baby Food Recipes

Finding time to make delicious and nutritious home-cooked baby food is almost impossible for busy parents. So, when you do have spare moments up your sleeve, it’s important to use baby recipes that are not only full of flavor, but have the right nutritional balance too. Our wholesome make-at-home baby food recipes were invented in the Rafferty’s Garden test kitchen - and our tiny taste testers absolutely loved them.

  • Peach and Sweet Potato Bolognaise
    This vegetarian bolognaise is a great source of protein and fibre to start your baby off on a positive nutritional path when introducing solids.
  • Apple and Pear Popsicles
    This healthy summer popsicle is a refreshing fruit snack for toddlers.
  • Grid
    Does your baby dive for your banana bread when you’re out having coffee. This loaf is a great alternative to the sugary breads found in most café’s. It has minimal sugar and incorporates the goodness of vegetables and fruit.
  • Grid
    These little dairy free home-made snacks are great for small fingers and they also freeze well so you can grab them anytime for snacks on the run.
  • Product
    An easy to throw together soup using up whatever veggies you have in your fridge. Consider adding some cannellini or butter beans to the mix if you like.
  • Rafferty's Fruit Jelly Recipe for babies from 6 months old
    Does your baby love the flavour of Rafferty’s Garden smooth purees but has moved on to thicker and chunkier consistencies? Solution! Transform the lovely goodness of Rafferty’s into a fun jelly!
  • Rafferty's Chicken Casserole
    Babies love the flavour of fruit so it makes sense to introduce new flavours with those that are already familiar

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