Baby’s development

4+ months

Introducing solids

For some its an exciting time, for others, scary! Signs your baby is ready to start on solids include holding their head steady, they can sit up assisted, they lose their tongue thrust reflex and are showing signs they are interested in what you are eating. Their first experiences with food sets up their nutritional habits so make sure their first tastes are good ones!

6+ months

Flavour Expansion

As your baby’s appetite starts to grow, now is a good time to add different textures and flavours into the mix. Start to introduce a  wider variety of flavours like protein, dairy and grains into  to your baby’s feeding routine.

8+ months

Texture Progression

Your baby will start to become very curious. As they refine their chewing and motor skills, frustration is common as they want to explore and become little independent eaters. Now is a good time to introduce more complex recipes and give them the option to feed themselves as they want to be more in control of what they eat.

10+ months

Mini Meals

Your baby’s new-found independence means they might reject foods at mealtimes which can make feeding routines tricky. They want more input into deciding which food they want to eat. Consider offering several healthy choices so they can exercise decision-making and still get the nutrition they need.

12+ months


Your baby is now one year old! This is the time of exploration and excitement as walking and talking may begin around the 12 months old mark. As your baby grows you can now make the transition into toddler snacks and introducing them to plain versions of family favourites. Busy toddler bodies need lots of healthy snacks throughout the day to help keep them moving.

General Baby Advice