8 Month Baby Food

Once your baby reaches 8 months they’ll likely become more curious with their food. They’ll also be more interested in exploring new textures and possibly begin independent feeding. If you’re wondering how to add more flavour variety for your 8 month old, let us break it down below.

snacks for 8 month olds

For growing babies, snack time is a great time to be able to introduce new textures and flavours. It’s also a good opportunity for your baby to continue developing their motor skills such as handling finger foods and learning how to feed themselves.

Below are some of our favourite snacks for babies at 8+ months, but if you’d prefer some quick and easy snacks to prepare at home, you can try cooked carrot or sweet potato spears, a vegetable omelette or an unsweetened apple puree mixed into a yoghurt or oatmeal.

8 month baby food recipes

If you want some home made baby snack recipes, take a look at the below which are suitable for 8+ month olds.

The Apple & Pear Popsicles are a delicious and refreshing fruit snack and are particularly useful for little ones in the summer, whilst our veggie muffin recipe really pack a nutritious punch with a range of vegetables.

Some other recipe inspiration for your next recipe could be a lamb and rice casserole, a tomato and beef risotto or a mixture of salmon, peas and broccoli.

8 month finger foods

Bite-size chunks of softened veggies and fruit are your best friends here. Try a mixture of textures such as ripe banana slices or pear, cooked pumpkin, carrot or mashed peas.

Choose from our range of 8 month baby food pouches, including tasty flavours such as brown rice, bean and pumpkin or red lentil, carrot and sweet potato.