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How can Rafferty's Garden pouches have a long shelf life with no additives, no need to refrigerate AND keep their nutritional value?
We are able to achieve the 13-month shelf life of our products due to the quality of ingredients combined with the mixture of heat treatment and our special packing process.

Our pouch range of products use the same principles that people have been using to preserve food for centuries. We balance the acidity of the product to ensure that it is at a suitable range and cook it with a gentle heat treatment process. We take the greatest care in selecting quality ingredients while ensuring we do not remove any of the goodness, including taste, throughout the cooking process.

Air or moisture cannot travel into or out of the pouch therefore the contents stay stable at ambient temperatures for at least 13 months.

How do I know if a Rafferty's Garden product contains allergens like dairy or nuts?
Our range is designed and produced with advice from allergen experts. Any allergens will always be declared on the product as part of the ingredient list: there are NEVER any ‘extra ingredients’ in our products.  We also regularly test for the presence of any allergens to ensure we meet our strict quality controls.
Are Rafferty’s Garden products halal certified?

Rafferty’s Garden has a number of halal suitable products. We make baby food for all babies irrespective of the race or religion of their parents. We do not discriminate in any way. We have not altered our products from their original recipe. For our pouch range, all our products are made with halal-certified meat, apart from our Salmon & Pumpkin Risotto, but our pouches are no longer halal certified. Within our Snacking range, our Rusks, Sticks, Squares, Snack Bars have not been halal certified, but we can confirm that they do not contain any animal products besides cow’s milk and they are free from alcohol. The Yoghurt Buttons and Mini Yoghurt Drops are made with gelatine derived from beef, which has been halal certified.

Can I recycle Rafferty’s Garden products?
Currently, the majority of our products are produced using multiple-layered, flexible plastic packaging. It is this packaging that allows our products to have such a long shelf-life without using any preservatives. Unfortunately, this type of packaging is not currently recyclable through standard, household recycling systems.

You can recycle our 120g pouches, 70g yoghurt pouches & selected snacks through an initiative called REDcycle – a program for recycling flexible plastic packaging. Learn more about our partnership with REDcycle. You can drop off any of these products in one of the REDcycle collection bins, located in Coles and Woolworths supermarkets across Australia. Please see their website for a list of locations:

What is the gelatine in the Yoghurt Buttons derived from? Is it Halal?
The gelatine used in our Yoghurt Buttons is derived from beef, and is halal certified. However, the final product has not been halal certified.
Are Rafferty’s Garden pouches BPA free?
Yes! We understand parents’ concerns over the chemicals that can be found in plastics. We take our little customers’ health and safety very seriously so all Rafferty’s Garden pouches are BPA free.
Can I freeze your product in the pouch?
Our pouches are not suitable for freezing, so you cannot freeze our products in the pouch. However, you can decant the contents into a clean, airtight, freezer-safe container and store in the freezer.
Can I microwave your product in the pouch?
Our pouches are not suitable to microwave.
To serve warm, simply stand the pouch in a jug of hot water. Then shake and squeeze into a bowl or straight onto a spoon. Alternatively, you can decant the contents into a microwave-safe container.
Remember to always check the temperature before serving to bubs!