12 Month Baby Food

Now that your baby has reached the 12 month milestone, they’re becoming growing and hungry toddlers. At this age, they’re more independent and their taste buds are developing too. But what to feed them?

Our range of 12 month baby food pouches are packed full of flavour and nutrients. With no added salt or sugar, artificial preservatives, colours or flavours, they’re perfect for lunch or dinner. Check out our other snack and meal suggestions below.

snacks for 12 month olds

Heading into toddler territory can be tough. They might be sick of all the purees under the sun, but aren’t ready for the foods you eat. Some easy snack options to try yourself include crispy baked zucchini chips, pizza crackers or ham and veggie muffins.

We have a range of our own snacks for 12 month olds, and below are some of our favourites.

12 month baby food recipes

12 month old babies should be having 3 meals a day and possibly up to 2 weaning snacks in between. Here are some recipe ideas for inspiration if you want to create your own: a pumpkin risotto, cauliflower breakfast waffles or lamb, veggies and rice.

For some Rafferty’s Garden-inspired baby food recipes we have prepared the below examples of a breakfast, lunch and snack recipe for your 12 month old.

12 month finger foods

At this age, you can get a little more creative with the finger foods you prepare. Mix it up with some chicken broccoli nuggets, stewed fruit and rice puddings, or zucchini slices.

Don’t forget the banana milk teething rusks too! Your baby may still be teething, so these rusks can be used as a good snack and teething solution regardless of your baby’s age above 6 months.