Baby puree

Purees or Stage 1 baby food are a handy way of preparing food for your baby when they are starting their first foods journey.

All our 4+ month baby food pouches are smooth purees, making them the ideal first foods for your baby when they're learning to eat. Proudly made in Australia, these puree pouches contain only the best nutritious ingredients, made with real fruit and vegetables + nothing else.

That's right! No artificial preservatives, colours and flavours, no added salt and sugar, no juices, no concentrates, and no GM ingredients! Just delicious, nutritious goodness for your baby.

Baby puree recipe

Age: 6+ Months

Portions: 3 ice cube trays

Total Time: 20 mins

Chicken casserole puree, a very easy recipe that takes only 20 minutes to prepare and cook. Suitable for 6+ month old babies and is freezer-friendly, this recipe has protein from chicken and nutrients from vegetables such as leek, sweet potato and carrot.

Baby puree pouches

Baby puree pouches are a perfect way for 4+ month old babies to start weaning onto solids. With a smooth texture and pouches full of nutrients, the Rafferty's Garden 4+ month range of baby food puree pouches are a great breakfast, lunch or dinner option for your bub, whether you're sitting down at the dinner table, or on the go.