10 Month Baby Food

When your baby reaches 10 months, they should still be eating mashed, soft-boiled or finely chopped foods. They should also be avoiding cow’s milk, salty or sugary packaged foods and anything too hard.

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snacks for 10 month olds

At this age, your baby will be able to chew soft foods, so you’ll want to continue cooking meals to a soft consistency. Some great snack ideas include an apricot porridge, smashed avocado or scrambled eggs.

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10 month baby food recipes

At 10 months, your baby should have between 750-800 calories each day – keeping in mind that 400-500 of this should come from formula or breast milk. Some tasty recipe ideas include pasta with spinach and pea puree, mini beef meatballs or a potato, spinach and chedda frittata.

If you want some simple baby food recipes to follow, check out the below recipes we’ve put together. Containing nutritious ingredients across breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack time, Rafferty’s Garden baby food recipes are bound to delight!

10 month finger foods

To help your baby to start feeding themself, try finger foods such as shreffed or ground meat, chunks of steamed sweet potato, avocado slices or banana strips. Below are also some finger food recipes you might want to try!

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