6 Month Baby Food

Around the 6 month mark, babies usually show clear signs of readiness for solid foods. If your little one can hold their head up, sit up by themselves, have lost their tongue thrust reflex, and seem excited about the food you’re eating, the it’s a good sign they may be ready for solids.

Our 6 month baby pouches are a great place to start your baby on their solid food journey. Made in Australia, these pouches come in a range of yummy flavours, and have no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

snacks for 6 month olds

Looking to give your baby a snack between meals? Some suitable options to consider are cooked or pureed vegetables, pureed turkey or you can try teething rusks to help with baby’s teething.

If you want some home made baby snack recipes, take a look at the below which are suitable for 6+ month olds.

6 month baby food recipes

If you’re looking for some heartier meals, we’d suggest trying some of our delicious recipes, created specifically for babies in the 6+ age range.

6 month finger foods

6 month olds typically grab food with their entire hand, and use their wrist to hold it. Therefore, it’s best to give them food larger than the palm of their hand as they can’t open their fist to get to the food.

Great finger food ideas for 6 month olds include: scrambled eggs, a small softened/cooked carrot stick or a piece of banana that the baby can use the skin as a handle.