Baby Teething Advice

Teething can be painful but exciting time for you and your baby. It’s a distressing process that your baby has to go through but there are ways you can ease the pain of teething and provide some comfort. Spotting the signs of teething and knowing how to ease the discomfort can help.

When Does Teething Start?

Your baby could start teething anywhere between 3 –6 months old and in some cases it might be after 12 months. Usually by the ages of 2 ½ to 3years, babies will have had a set of about 20 teeth emerge.

Teething Signs & Symptoms

Noticing the signs that your baby is teething is the first step in helping to ease your baby’s discomfort.

Teething symptoms could include:

  • Chewing fingers or toys
  • Excessive drooling or dribbling
  • Mood changes, soreness and swelling of the gums
  • Refusing to eat or drink
  • Not sleeping very well
  • Biting their mother’s nipple whilst breastfeeding
  • A slight elevation of body temperature

Is Teething Painful?

Some babies can be fussier than usual during teething. Their gums are sore and swollen causing discomfort and there can be a spot of bleeding as the teeth come through.

The symptoms usually appear 3-5 days before the first tooth comes through. These symptoms should subside once this first tooth has broken through the skin but in some cases can continue afterwards. Some lucky babies don’t even feel the effects of teething.

These are all mild symptoms that should improve with time. However, if your baby is extremely distressed contact your doctor for further advice and treatment.

Relieving Teething Symptoms

The most you can do is comfort your baby, there isn’t a fully effective treatment to get rid of the pain but it can be eased.

For short term relief, gently rub a clean, cold finger along your baby’s gums. For longer term relief, you can purchase teething rings which are specifically designed to ease teething pain. You can also put these rings in the fridge so they’re cooler on sore gums.

Another way to help soothe sore gums is to use Teething Rusks. Our Banana Milk Teething Rusks are hard baked to help relieve teething symptoms for your baby as their little teeth start to emerge. They are the ideal shape for little hands and are made with no added sugar or artificial nasties. Make sure they are constantly supervised when chewing on an object.

Baby Teeth Cleaning & Hygiene

Taking care of your little one’s teeth can start the moment the teeth are emerging. This should be done with care as your baby’s gums could still be swollen and painful. Clean the teeth using a soft brush, cotton wool or gauze swab and water.  Babies do not require toothpaste until 18 months old. If your baby isn’t enjoying you brushing their teeth, let them brush yours and make it a little game so they’re distracted.

Teething is an exciting milestone for your baby, and is all part of their development journey!