4+ month baby food pouches

We've got something to suit everyone!

The idea of your baby starting solid food is an exciting one, but many parents aren’t sure about exactly when is the right time to start introducing solids. The truth is, there is no exact time when every baby will be ready for first foods, you have to look for the signs that your baby might be. Watch out for the signs of when to start solids – see our starting solids guide. Introducing your baby to their first taste of solids is one of the most exciting and memorable developmental milestones for your little one!

Our 4+ Month smooth baby food puree pouches contain fruit, vegetables and nothing else. That's right, no artificial additives, preservatives, salt, sugar, juices, concentrates OR GM! Just delicious, nutritious goodness for your baby.

Rafferty's Garden 4 Month Baby Food Pouches are also proudly made in Australia.