Baby Development Month-on-Month: A Milestone Guide

Your baby is a unique little person. They will grow and develop in his or her own way and at their own pace. Below is a timeline of physical milestones you can use as a guide for what you may expect to see in your little one from month-to-month.

Just remember, there’s a wide range of what’s considered ‘normal’ baby development, so if you’re concerned about your baby’s progress, have a chat with your doctor or maternal health nurse.

Month-on-month guide

One month
  • Able to grasp a finger
  • Can turn head to the side when lying on tummy
  • Arms and legs kick and wave but with little control
Two  months
  • Can hold head up for short periods when on tummy
  • May turn head to follow movement of objects
  • Holds head steady when upright
Three months
  • Can raise up head and chest when on tummy
  • Sits with support on your lap
  • Arm and leg movements are smoother and more deliberate
Four months
  • Supports self on forearms or outstretched arms during tummy time
  • Holds head steady when supported to sit
  • Rolls from side to side when on tummy
Five months
  • Bears some weight on legs
  • Sits supported for long periods
  • Can bring feet to mouth and enjoys playing with hands and feet
  • May roll in one direction
Six months
  • Rolls in both directions
  • Sits well in a chair
  • Preparing to crawl getting onto hands and knees
Seven months
  • Sits without support
  • Makes lunge-like attempts at crawling
  • Attempts to pick objects up
Eight months
  • Crawing better
  • May stand whilst holding on
  • May pick objects up and pass them from hand to hand
Nine months
  • Begins to move while standing (cruise)
  • May try to use thumb and fore finger to pick up objects (pincer grasp)
  • Bangs, throws and drops objects
Ten months
  • Crawls and cruises well
  • Pulls self to standing
  • Well developed pincer grasp
  • Waves goodbye
Eleven months
  • May be able to stand alone for brief moments
  • Can put objects into containers
  • Can bend down while standing
Twelve months
  • May begin to take first steps unaided
  • Can indicate with gestures what they want

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