Parents’ Survival Guide To Feeding A Fussy Eater Baby

We’re here to share some tried and true tips on how to survive feeding with a fussy baby!

It’s your job to make sure you a providing appropriate meals, BUT it is your little one’s responsibility for eating it. Remember that Parent provides, child decides! There a many reasons why your child might not be hungry, from being overtired or going through growth changes. Whilst it might be hard, trusting in your child to know when they’re hungry is important

To help with managing fussy meal-time antics consider:

  • Allowing choice from foods placed in the centre of the table
  • Limiting drinks before meals so tummies have room for food
  • Persisting with new foods; young children may need them dished up over 10 times before they’ll try them.
  • Serve evening meals earlier as tired children struggle to eat well even when they’re hungry.
  • Keeping meals simple. The less effort you put in the less your disappointment when its not eaten.
  • Avoid bribes or attempts to placate with favoured foods!

If your little one doesn’t want to eat their meal avoid a fuss and simply take it away – remember it’s their choice to eat or not. No child in a home with a full pantry will ever starve, especially as the next meal or snack is never far away.