Feeding advice: 10+ month old babies

At 10 months, your baby’s new-found independence means they might reject foods at mealtimes, which can make feeding routines tricky. They want more input into deciding which food they want to eat and they start to imitate adult eating preferences.

Now is a great time to get them to love eating at the grown-up table. It will take a little creativity and patience, so we’ve compiled six tips to help feeding time at the 10+ month age stage.

Feeding Time Tips

  1. Options
    Consider offering several healthy choices so they can exercise decision-making and still get the nutrition they need.
  2. Practice the division of responsibility
    Parents provide (good food at appropriate times) and children decide (to eat or not). Trust in your baby’s own ability to know when they are hungry or not.
  3. Self-service 
    Encourage independence and new motor skills with opportunities to self-serve from bowls in the centre of the table – like a mini smorgasbord. Just try not to worry about the mess…
  4. Keep it simple
    Go for plain basic food. Hours spent on elaborate food preparation is easily lost on babies and toddlers and only fuels your disappointment when they won’t eat it.
  5. Enlist help 
    Make food interesting somewhere other than the table. Involve toddlers in shopping, preparing and even growing food if you can.
  6. Be a super model 
    Make meal times a family affair so you can model good eating habits. Research tells us our babies and young children are more likely to try new foods when they see us eating it.

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