chocolate quinoa crackle

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20 small crackles

Prep In:

10 minutes

Cook In:

60 minutes


12 months +

About this Recipe

Just like a chocolate crackle, but made with quinoa & chocolate custard!

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  • You can puff regular quinoa at home by heating oil in a saucepan and “popping” the quinoa just like you would pop popcorn (make sure to use a lid)
  • Use puffed rice as an alternative for puffed quinoa
  • Keep in an air-tight container in the refrigerator until ready to eat

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1

In a frying pan over low heat toast puffed quinoa for 90 seconds, agitating the pan frequently. Set aside. 

Step 2

Toast shredded coconut for 60 seconds, agitating the pan frequently. Set aside. 

Step 3

In a small bowl over low heat melt coconut oil, then add cacao powder, maple syrup and Rafferty’s Garden Custard and stir gently until well combined. 

Step 4

Stir through toasted puffed quinoa and coconut and mix to combine well. 

Step 5

Spoon into small patty cases and place in freezer for approximately one hour or until set. 

Step 6

Remove 10 minutes before serving.


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