What age should babies start tummy time

What Age Should Babies Start Tummy Time?

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Tummy time is when you carry, position or play with your baby while they are awake and on their stomach. It can be a part of your bub’s daily routine for a number of good reasons.


When to start tummy time?

You can introduce tummy time to your baby as soon as they are born. You can begin with two to three sessions of 3-5 minutes each day, and gradually add more sessions as your baby grows older.


Why is tummy time important?

Babies should play on their tummies every day under adult supervision. As your baby grows older and becomes more active, their tummy time should increase too.


Among other benefits, tummy time can help to strengthen your baby's neck and shoulders, preparing them for different physical activities like grasping, crawling, sitting up and walking.


Moreover, tummy time lets bub see their surroundings in different angles. This aids in the development of their brain as well as their sensory and movement control.


Top tips for tummy time

Here are a few ways that you can help bub get the most of their tummy playtime:

  • Spread out a blanket or a baby mat on the floor to ensure their comfort.
  • Sing or talk to them during tummy time. Doing it in a calm voice will give bub reassurance and help them develop their speech and language.
  • Place colourful toys around them to encourage grasping, head lifting and leg kicking. You can also try placing their favourite toy a little farther to get them to reach for it.
  • Encourage interaction by sitting or lying in front of bub.
  • Try different tummy time positions. You can carry bub over your shoulder or arm, or place them on your chest or lap.
  • Squeeze in tummy time sessions after giving bub a bath, changing their diaper or after they wake up from a nap. Tummy time isn't recommended when your child is tired, hungry, or full, as they may become irritable.
  • Place a rolled towel under your baby's chest to help them lift their head.
  • Never leave your baby unsupervised.


Does your baby hate tummy time?

Some babies, especially those who often experience reflux, initially don't like tummy time. If your young one gets irritable during your sessions, try changing the location and activity. You can place them on your lap or chest instead of on the floor. You can also speak to them in a calm voice and sing to them their favourite tune. Another idea is to shorten their tummy time sessions but do it more often.


Just a Reminder

 Tummy time sessions should only be done when your baby is awake and is being supervised. Never put bub on their tummy to sleep as it could increase the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and fatal sleep accidents.


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