Wellness checklist for mums with bubs

Wellness Checklist for Mums with Bubs

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While mothers make the world go round they also need care and attention. So why not take stock of how well you are taking care of yourself with our wellness check list for new mums.


Nourish yourself

A good diet is vital to keep energy levels up and your immune system strong. Take time to eat regular meals and snacks and drink plenty of water. Make it a priority to:

  • Start the day with breakfast; porridge, muesli, fruit and yoghurt or grainy toast with an egg are great nourishing options.
  • Keep nutritious snacks on hand; stock your fruit bowl with easy to eat fruits such as bananas, grapes and apples, and keep a jar of trail mix (dried fruit and nuts) on the bench; it makes a handy ‘grab and go’ snack option.
  • Stay hydrated; keep water bottles ready-to-go in the fridge, have one by the bed and another by your feeding chair. This is a great task for your partner to take charge of.


Take time to rest

As hard as it is, make time to put the list of chores aside and rest while baby sleeps. If day time sleeping isn’t your thing grab some down time with a book, magazine or newspaper or catch up on your favourite TV soap. Giving yourself time to recharge means you’re better equipped to manage the challenges the rest of the day throws at you.


Be active

Heading out of the house for a walk with baby in the pram or pouch is a great way to top up your vitamin D and energise your day, not to mention a great settler for restless babies. Regular gentle exercise is also a good place to start if you aim to eventually return to your pre-baby fitness and weight. Incorporate walking into your weekly routine; walk to local appointments, the park, a café or to visit local friends.

Prioritising your health, both mental and physical is vital for the wellbeing of your whole family. Don’t feel guilty about snatching a little ‘me’ time. And as baby gets older and you feel confident to use a baby sitter, take time out with your partner for date night. The benefits of getting out of the house alone together should never be underestimated.


For more tips on how Mums can get some well deserved TLC, try Good Mood Food for Mums and Nourishing Tips for Mums of Bubs.

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