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Big fat myths about feeding your baby

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Advice about what and how to feed your baby can frequently come with a dash of fact and a large dose of fiction. When you’re a new parent, sifting through out of date advice and old wives’ tales can be hard work.


Baby Food Myths: Fact or Fiction?

Babies need to eat bland food

Added salt and sugar aren’t recommended as routine additions to the food you prepare, but that doesn’t mean their food should be flavourless. Garlic, onion, herbs and spices are great additions to first foods and a fabulous way to expose your little one to the world of family food.


Avoid potentially allergenic foods until 1 year

Advice prior to 2008 encouraged allergic families to delay the introduction of certain foods until after the age of 12 months and for others up to three years. Since 2008, delaying the introduction of potentially allergenic foods has not been recommended due to evidence showing it doesn’t prevent development of food allergy and in some instances may increase risk (find out more about food allergies here).


Don’t give lumpy food until teeth come through

Your baby’s gums are very capable of managing foods of all types so don’t delay progressing towards lumps once baby has the hang of puree. Research shows delaying introduction of lumpier textures risks greater problems with feeding and food acceptance later. Just remember, always supervise your baby with food and gagging is a normal part of learning to eat lumpier solids (find out more about how to manage baby gagging here)


Prevent overweight by not feeding your baby too much

Babies and young children are very good at regulating their food intake. And research suggests attempts to interfere with this are likely to backfire, instead producing children who aren’t able to regulate the food they eat well, and struggle to maintain a healthy body weight.



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For more information on feeding your baby go to A Colour-Coded Guide to Feeding your Baby Whole Foods for ways to add some colour and fun to your babies mealtimes.



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