What Not to Feed Your Baby when starting solids

Starting Solids: What Not To Feed Your Baby

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Starting solids is a time of fun and exploration for your baby. And while exposure to as many new foods as possible is important in their first year, not all food should feature on the menu. 

Most foods, provided the texture is suitable, are fine for your baby in their first year. The exceptions to this are:

1. Honey

The potential presence of spores from the Clostridium botulinum bug, which are resistant even to the high temperatures of pasteurisation, means infants are vulnerable to their effect. Sterilised honey is used in commercial infant foods and is the only safe form of honey for babies under 12 months.


2. Cow’s milk as a drink

Breast milk or formula are the only ‘milk’ drink for babies in their first year. Cow’s milk is fine for cereal or cooked into custards, puddings and sauces… just not to drink.

3. Raw or undercooked egg

Salmonella is a bug often associated with eggs and poultry. Cooking both the egg white and yolk until solid is the best way to prevent illness from Salmonella in your little one.

4. Added salt or sugar

Let your baby enjoy the taste of food without the addition of these ingredients.


5. Whole nuts

These are a choking risk to infants and young children under 5 years. Instead, use nut pastes, butters or ground nuts.


6. Hard raw fruits and vegetables

A potential choking risk, these foods (think apple, celery, carrot, corn, raw peas etc) are best cooked till soft or grated/sliced thinly if served raw.

Help your little one become a happy, confident eater by providing them with a variety of food experiences - but keep them safe by avoiding those that may do them harm.

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  1. Maria says:

    Great write up, the issue with honey and the Clostridium botulinum bug is real. There’s has been deaths from this.

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