Baby hacks - pizza cutter small bites

4 Great Food Baby Hacks for Busy Mums and Dads

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You might be familiar with the concept of ‘life hacks’. It refers to those practical tricks and creative shortcuts people come up with to make life that little bit easier. And, arguably, no one needs them more than busy parents.

We call life hacks tailored specifically to mums and dads, 'baby hacks'. Below are a few baby hacks that can help reduce the (occasional) chaos of being a parent but, more importantly, to save time and leave you more precious moments spent with your little one.

Baby Hack #1: Spill-free

With baby's in the car and on the move, it’s safe to assume anything that can be spilt will be spilt. Stick a curly straw upside-down into your bub’s cup so it will be impossible to yank out, keeping your little one – and your car and stroller – dry and free from sticky smells.

Baby Hacks - Spill free drinks

Baby Hack #2: Cutting Corners

Save time cutting up food into the right-sized pieces for tiny hands by using a round-blade pizza cutter. In a few easy rolls your job is done!

Baby hacks - pizza cutter small bites

Baby Hack #3: Teething ease

Is your poor bub having teething troubles? Squeeze some Rafferty’s Garden fruit puree in the middle of a clean cloth, roll it up and pop it in the freezer. Your bub can enjoy the flavour and nutrition, while the cold will sooth their painful gums. Also, if your bub is teething try our Rusks range, designed to ease teething pain.

Baby Hack - teething ease

Baby Hack #4: Easy Finger Food

A simple Rafferty’s Garden snack hack: simply dot a puree pouch on parchment paper, put in the freezer for a couple of hours, then take it out for the perfect snack bites.

Baby Hack - Easy finger food

The lightweight, travel-friendly Rafferty’s Garden packaging was designed to be the ultimate baby hack and as convenient as possible for parents. We’d love to share your own baby hacks with other busy mums and dads. Go to our Facebook  or Instagram and share your suggestions with hashtag #BabyHacks.

Jody from Stay At Home Mum shares a few of her own below:



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