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How to: Spoon Feeding Your Baby

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We know our packaging is a sanity saver for busy mums on the go. But while our packaging is smart, we also know it needs to be used wisely for maximum benefit.

 Safety first

A screw cap lid says goodbye to waste as leftovers can be safely capped and refrigerated for up to 48 hours. But remember, only store an unfinished pouch if you squirt straight into a spoon or bowl and you haven’t heated the contents. Leftovers that have been heated or contaminated with saliva from baby’s mouth can make your baby sick if stored for later use.

 Spoon feeding credentials

Our smart packaging makes it really easy for your bub to suck food straight from the pouch. But we’d much rather know you were using a spoon to feed your baby because spoon feeding:

  • Is important for developing muscles for chewing and speech
  • Reduces the risk of choking
  • Is slow, allowing time for baby to know when he is full, an important part of preventing over eating
  • Allows your baby to see and smell the food they are going to eat
  • Allows easy progress to more textured, chunky foods

  Texture tests

Nutrition experts agree progressing with texture is one of the most important parts of introducing solid food to babies. Avoid dawdling over purees and if you like their convenience combine them with lumpier foods so you continue to achieve feeding milestones. Ways you can do this include:

  • Mash avocado and combine with a smooth or puree fruit or veggie combo
  • Add a Just Veggies or our Puree range as a sauce to risoni or cous cous.
  • Use a smooth pouch too moisten minced or blended home cooked meats
  • Add a swirl of Smooth Fruit to porridge oats, rice or semolina pudding



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About the Author: Rafferty’s Garden is a brand brought to life by our love of good food and by our belief in ensuring Australian babies get an amazing start to their food journey. .


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