Rafferty's Garden guide to First Tastes and Smooth Puree

How To: First Tastes and Smooth Puree

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So, your little one is showing signs of solids readiness and you’re keen to take the step to their next foodie stage.


So, it is time to begin:


  • Firstly, pick a time when you won’t be rushed or distracted. Also ensure baby isn’t tired or too hungry - after a milk feed is usually a good time.
  • A baby rice cereal fortified with iron such as Rafferty’s Garden Organic Baby Rice Cereal is a good place to start. Iron rich first foods are important for topping up baby’s dwindling iron stores.
  • Aim to prepare foods for first tastes to the consistency of runny yoghurt and serve just warm not hot.
  • Always wash your hands thoroughly before preparing and handling your baby’s food; wash feeding utensils in hot soapy water (the dishwasher is good) and allow to air dry.
  • Sit your baby either on your lap or in a bouncy chair/rocker and offer just one or two teaspoons to start.
  • If bub is not interested don’t worry, try again tomorrow.


Introducing more Smooth Puree

Moving from the blandness of rice cereal to the flavour explosion of vegetables, fruits and higher iron foods like meat, fish and chicken is where all the fun begins.


Food should be silky smooth at first; use a mouli, stick blender or food processor and add cooking water, breast milk or formula to get them to the right consistency. Smooth puree’s can also be thicker than they were when you first started.


Offer a variety baby a of foods ensuring they include iron rich options such as beef, lamb, fish, chicken and legumes as well as vegetables, fruit and dairy such as yoghurt, custard and cheese. See our Seven Sensational First Foods for your Baby for good ideas.


Other than including iron rich foods, there are no rules about what order you introduce foods or how fast you do it, simply be guided by your baby.


If you have a family history of food allergy you many want to Introduce new foods individually every 2 to 3 days to check for reactions. See Food Allergy Know-How for more information.


Some foods should never be given to babies under 12 months:


  • Honey – this can contain the bug Clostridium botulinum
  • Cow’s milk as a drink – its breast milk or formula only
  • Added salt or sugar – avoid for as long as you can
  • Whole nuts – can cause choking. Use nut butters or pastes instead
  • Hard raw fruits and vegetables (carrot, celery, peas, apple) – these can also cause choking; thinly slice, grate or cook
  • Raw or undercooked egg – may contain Salmonella;- cook until the yolk and white are solid


For more information on these foods see What not to Feed Your Baby.

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