NEW Rafferty's Garden Cereal Sachets

Rafferty’s Garden understands what our precious babies need at each stage of their development – particularly when it comes to food! As a parent you want to make the best choices you can for your baby, particularly when it comes to the first foods you choose to nurture them with. Our cereals are made with the goodness of wholegrains providing a tastier, healthier option with an easy to eat texture.

When baby is old enough to start eating solids, it’s also important that they have foods that are high in iron. That’s why our cereals are fortified with this essential nutrient to help with normal development and growth for your baby.

Each variant comes in a box of 8 foil fresh single serve sachets.

Each serve is individually foil sealed to ensure freshness and delivers the perfect portion size for your little one. Individual serves also provide portable convenience when feeding out and about, just have a couple in your bag ready to go!

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