Signs your Baby is Ready for Solid Foods

4 Signs Your Baby is Ready for Solids

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One of the questions that I got asked all the time when my babies were quite young is what is the right age or stage to start your baby off on solids. Now, the guidelines do say you certainly shouldn’t start your baby any younger than 4 months and you shouldn’t wait any later than 6 months of age. So anywhere before 4-6 months is when you should be starting your baby on solids. There are 4 signs that you could look out for to determine if your baby is ready for solids.

First sign, your baby is able to sit well with minimal support required. Second sign, your baby is showing good head and neck control. Third sign, they are showing keen interest in food and gazing longingly if they see you eating food around them. And fourth sign, they eagerly open their mouth when offered food with a spoon.

Sometimes there could be so much advice around about what to do, what not to do, and it’s really important for you to trust your instincts as a mum. Remember, you know your baby best and whilst there are certain signs that you should follow, it is really up to you to decide the best approach for you and your baby when it comes to introducing solids. So go with your gut, listen to your baby and go with what you feel is best for you and your baby alone.

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