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Rebecca’s Tips of Introducing Solids – Rafferty’s Garden Community Mum

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My name is Rebecca Barrow, and I'm a mum of two girls from Doreen. Miss Scarlett is 16 months old. Can you say hi? And I'm here to share some tips with you regarding starting solids.

Some of the signs that Scarlett was showing that she was ready, she was just watching us when we were eating, kind of poking her tongue out like licking her lips. And when they're able to support themselves. Not so much sitting up completely, but I think when they're able to support themselves enough to be able to sit them in a high chair even if you wrap a towel around to support them a bit more. I found that was really helpful for when they need that little bit of support.

We tried around at 4 months with Scarlett. We felt that she was ready. She was really interested in our food when we were eating dinner. She just kept staring at us and licking her lips, so we thought we'd give it a try and we figured if it really wasn't working then we try again in a couple of weeks. That’s one thing second time around, I've definitely taken a much more relaxed approach. It's a learning experience for the baby. They're learning how to eat, so there's no rush. It's just important to support them as they learn this new skill.

It definitely can be an overwhelming time just with lots of conflicting information whether it be online or in books or from well-meaning friends. So it's important to just really keep calm and relax and just take it one step at a time and just be there to support your baby as they learn new textures and flavours.

For Scarlett, we started with steamed apples. With my first I didn't start with apples, I thought that if we started with sweet fruits that they would get a sweet tooth. But second time around, I don't believe this information is true, and I think it's okay to start with apple or fruit. They're not going to get a sweet tooth because over the year, they will eat lots of veggies and lots of different flavours and textures, so it's totally okay to start with pureed apple or pear. And that's what we did we mixed it with some of the baby rice cereal. She wasn't quite a fan of, so at least that took away some of the taste that she didn't really like.

Every baby is different. It's really important to remember that, so what works with your first may not work with your second. And if you try it at 4 months, some babies aren't ready at 4 months. You might need to wait a couple of weeks and you'll find that they will eventually start to take the food. So that was the first step to starting solid the Scarlett.

When I think back to my first daughter when I was starting solids, some people get really passionate about what worked for them, and that's really great but it's important not to let it deter you from just supporting your baby. People can get really passionate about organic food or about bringing your own food and some people don't like to give their babies pouches. It's important to just be confident and just know that you're doing the right thing and that your baby is thriving. I think definitely as a first time I mum, you can get deterred by other people's opinions but just stick to what you know and listen to your baby's cues.

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