Adding Solid Food into your Feeding Routine

How to Incorporate Solids into your Feeding Routine

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I'd like to give you a few tips as to how best incorporate solids at the same time as breast and bottle feeding. What I found works best is if you start the meals off after a bottle of breast milk the first time. This way, your baby won't be hungry, they'll be content and quite relaxed. And as a result, you probably will be as well.

There are a few signs that you could look out for to see if your baby's hungry, such as looking in anticipation as you're getting their food ready, eagerly opening their mouth as you offer them a spoon. Once your baby's had enough to eat, they will certainly tell you about it and show a few different signs. This will include getting a bit distracted and fussy, perhaps wanting to get up of their high chair, as well as closing their mouth quite firmly if you offer them a spoon and perhaps turning their head away.

As your baby starts to get used to those solids, and you feel quite comfortable, you can start to gradually increase the amount of food that you're offering them at each meal and also slowly start to reduce the amount of breast milk or infant formula that they're having. And once you feel ready, you can actually do the meal before their breast feed or their bottle feed. This way, they'll probably be even really, even more hungry than normal, gobble up their food and perhaps not have as much of the breast milk or the bottle feed.

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