Tips for Introducing Solids to Babies

Introducing Solids to Babies

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Now, we all know that babies develop at very very different rates, and your baby’s an individual. Remember that when introducing solids for the first time, it could take quite a number of times for your baby to actually enjoy the taste of food or eagerly accept it. In fact, it could even take 8-10 times of them refusing the food before they eagerly will taste it and swallow it.

This is completely normal and something that most babies exhibit. It will also be a big mess, which is also part of the journey and remember that your baby will show signs and will develop at their own individual rate.

The first and the most important tip is for you not to make a fuss yourself. Don’t try to coerce your baby too much if you can see that they really don’t want to eat that food. In fact, you’ll probably find that the more that you that you try to get them to eat that food, the less likely they will eat it. So the best thing you can do is take as little notice as possible when your baby is showing signs of being a fussy eater.

The second tip that I can give you is to persevere. This is really important. As often, you might try new food and your baby will reject it many many times. You might think that this is a sign of fussy eating, but again, it’s actually very normal and very common. So don’t give up. Don’t think that, “Oh, my baby doesn't like this food.” Keep persevering whilst remaining as calm as possible.

And my third tip is that you can potentially try serving the food in a different way. So for example, if you’ve given them some mashed fruit and they didn’t like that, perhaps you could try those pureed. Or if you gave them something raw, perhaps you could try it cooked. So sometimes, babies just might not really take to a specific flavour the way the food cooked or specific texture and trying it in a different way could get your baby to enjoy that specific food.

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