Baby Milestone: Crawling

Baby Development Milestones: Crawling

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Crawling is the first real milestone towards independence. Your baby is likely to develop her own method of getting around – and it's not going to be the most elegant one!


For many babies crawling happens at around 7-9 months, but it can be earlier or later. And some little ones miss out the crawling stage completely and skip straight to walking.



The building blocks start long before the actual crawling begins.

  • Place your baby tummy down, so they have to lift their head to see you
  • They should start to push up on to hands and arms, as the muscles strengthen it’ll get easier for your baby
  • Balance is also something your little one will develop whilst crawling – once they’ve started to do this, they’ll push off and hopefully start crawling! Balance doesn’t come naturally to all babies, so don’t panic if you see your little one rocking slightly.


Crawling won’t necessarily happen overnight, so give your baby a bit of practice.


There are many styles of crawling your baby might try:

  • Commando-style - wriggling along on the tummy
  • Animal-style - on hands and feet with the bottom sticking up in the air
  • Hands and knees
  • Bottom shuffler, or just rolling over and over to get to what they want


Some babies stick to just one style, while others change technique as they get more confident.


But it is not just motor skills, babies will also be learning to gauge distances and remember directions – they need to go to this particular corner to find toys.


How Can Mum Help?

Your baby’s muscles need to build up strength so they need a lot of tummy time. Babies can find tummy time boring and frustrating with their limited movements, so try to make it a bit more fun for your little one by playing with them, or putting them face-down on your chest.


During tummy-time put a favourite toy just out of reach and they'll have to try harder to get to it. Give your little one some encouragement by putting the palm of your hand under the feet for them to push off from.


Make sure your home is properly baby proofed – if you have a wooden floor make sure no nails are sticking up, and that any stairs are baby safe. You might also want to consider long clothing, to help protect knees from scrapes and scratches.


Once your baby is more practiced at crawling, you can make it interesting by creating a safe obstacle course. Put cushions and boxes in their way, but always under mummy’s watchful eye.


And remember, lots of crawling is good exercise and might wear them out, so that means your baby might sleep better at night-time - which means hurray for tired mums as well!


Now your baby’s crawling, watch out for those first little steps that’ll be starting soon! See more on walking.


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