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Food Safety for your Baby

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When we spend time in the kitchen preparing healthy food for the little ones of the household, we want the food to not only be nourishing but also safe and free from ill-wanted effects. The same goes for purchasing food out, with so many options on the table it’s hard to navigate the best and safest choice for our near and dear. To lend a helping hand and allow you to feel comfort in the food you are feeding bub, here are some food safety tips to adhere to.


Food Safety

Washing hands

It’s easy for parents to ask younger ones to wash their hands, but it’s also important to practice what you preach, especially when it comes to food prep.

Always wash hands with hot soapy water:

  • Before touching food
  • After handing different types of food (eg from vegetables to raw meat)
  • After coughing, sneezing or touching open wounds
  • After touching taps, handles and door knobs whilst prepping food

Once washed, dry hands thoroughly preferably using paper towel or a clean tea towel. Remember, tea towels can harbour bacteria so remember to wash and replace regularly.

Tip: when out and about with bub Rafferty’s Garden squeeze packs are a safe food option for wandering hands.


Storing Food

Once food is made, its important to store it correctly to avoid over growth of bacteria and spoilage:

  • Store cold food at 4-5° C or below
  • Place cold food in an air-tight container in fridge as soon as prepared or bought home
  • Warm food should be served at 60° C or above
  • Store warm food in the fridge once it has stopped steaming in shallow containers for faster cooling and away from cold foods
  • Always re-heat cooked and cooled food back to temperature before serving
  • Avoid re-heating food more than once, just reheat the portion to be consumed
  • Always defrost frozen food in the fridge or if being used immediately in the microwave, do not leave on kitchen bench to defrost

Tip: the Rafferty’s Garden range are perfectly portioned to avoid the need for storing and re-heating, reducing the risk of food spoilage.


Foods to Avoid

There are certain foods, which a developing immune system should not be exposed to and we should leave off our little ones plate:

  • raw or undercooked meat especially mince meat and poultry
  • raw sprouts – can be a breeding ground for bacteria
  • raw and undercooked eggs (make sure white and yolk are hard set)
  • unpasteurised drinks including fruit juice
  • small, hard foods which can become a choking hazard


Tip: Rafferty’s Garden range have been designed with your bub in mind and offer a healthy and safe food option for infants 4+ months onwards.




 For more food safety advice try Food Safety Know-How: Taking Care in the Kitchen to be Baby-Safe or go to our Baby Food Safety section for our full range of advice.


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