First Holiday with Baby

Tips for Taking your Baby on their First Holiday

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There comes a point once the home routine is sorted, that you begin to think of spreading your family’s wings and taking a holiday. And with a long weekend on the horizon there is no better time. All babies are different in terms of how they cope with the change time away brings. But as they say “well prepared is well armed”. Here are some tips to help take the bumps out of your mini break with baby:


Tips for your First Holiday

Pack smart

If space is a premium think about buying nappies at your destination and just pack what you need for your journey. A blanket from home can bring a familiar scent to bed time when everything else is new, and a universal plug means you can turn any basin or sink into a bath. Use ziplock bags to group collections of items you need to get your hands on quickly, such as complete sets of clothing (especially important for your journey), feeding gear (spoon, bowl, bib, washer) and toys.


Set the scene

It might seem obvious but when it’s just the two of you on holiday you can unpack and set yourselves up any time, or not if you’re only away for a mini-break. When you have a little one in tow you need to hit the ground running; set up your nappy change space, make up the cot, pull out the toys and unpack the clothes. Settling yourself in this way will help you feel more organised and hopefully relaxed too.


Slow down

If this is your first trip away with baby, ensure expectations match reality. Consider how you’ll manage to see and do what you want around your baby’s routine of feeding and sleeping. Think about taking a few things off your list as it’s highly likely you won’t be able to do it all.


Smart sleep

Babies need plenty of sleep. If you don’t want to be tied to your room, make room for the good stroller so your baby can sleep while you take in the sights.


Meals on the go

Carefully consider what you can purchase at your destination to reduce the pressure on packing space. If you’re bottle feeding, sterilising equipment and bottles are non-negotiable so just take a small supply of infant formula double bagged in ziplocks to cover initial needs and buy extra when you arrive.

If you’ve already started solids, consider the practicalities of feeding with the facilities available. Have you a kitchenette or just tea/coffee and a kettle? Premium baby pouch products, such as Rafferty’s Garden, can easily be warmed in a microwave or jug of hot water. Opened product will keep for 48 hours if refrigerated. And stock a fruit bowl with a selection for seasonal fruits you can all snack on. Be mindful to include some softer varieties you can mash for baby.


Dine early

Beat the rush and enjoy restaurant meals at 5.30pm rather than 8pm. An empty restaurant means a shorter wait for food and more room to park your stroller.

Being prepared to go away will definitely mean more relaxed times for everyone despite the extra luggage. And at your journey’s end you’ll also appreciate the ease of home life just that bit little more!


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