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Food Safety: Taking Care In The Kitchen To Be Baby-Safe

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Kitchen safety in a home with babies and small children is not just all about the germs. And while little people are vulnerable to the effects of poor hygiene in the kitchen they are also susceptible to other dangers related to the food and how it's prepared.


Kitchen Safety for your Baby

Prevent choking

In the United States 9 out of 10 food related choking accidents have been in children under 5 years. Young children are more at risk of choking than older children or adults because they don’t have back teeth for grinding hard foods, plus they’re also more likely to be talking, laughing, crying or generally not paying attention while they are eating.

  • Always encourage your children to sit quietly while they eat and drink.
  • Avoid small hard pieces of food such as popcorn, whole nuts, hard or sticky lollies, raw carrot, celery or apple.
  • Grate hard vegetables and fruit or cook them softer.
  • Cut meat, chicken and sausages into small 'bite-sized' pieces.
  • Always sit babies and children to eat, and supervise them while they eat their meal.


Avoid burns and scalds

A hot cup of tea or boiling water burns children instantly, much the same way as fire will. Toddlers because of their boisterous, curious and unpredictable behaviour are most at risk of scalds from the hot liquids in kettles, teapots, saucepans and cups.

Keep these suggestions in mind to lessen the risk of a scalding burn in your family:

  • Use the back burners on the stove and turn saucepans handles toward the back.
  • Put children and babies down before drinking something hot.
  • Position kettles, teapots and hot drinks toward the back of benches and the middle of tables out of reach.
  • Replace tablecloths with placemats - they're harder to pull off the table.


Dodge cuts and other injuries

The kitchen's full of injury opportunities for curious littlies. Consider these other tips to keep children safe:

  • Keep knives, scissors and other sharp utensils in a drawer with a child-proof lock.
  • Store food processors and blenders well out of reach when not in use. If they need to stay on the bench ensure they are left unplugged.

Food Safety Week is on from November 8-15. If you'd like to know more about food safety for your family read our post on kitchen hygiene or check out our guides to safely using leftovers and cooking baby food in bulk.

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