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Four Fantastic Spring Foods For Your Baby’s First Solids

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Hooray! Spring has arrived and the days are getting longer and warmer. This means more time outdoors and a greater abundance of seasonal fruits and vegetables. We look at what’s best for spring and how you can include these foods in your little one’s eating routine.


1. Peas

Peas from the freezer are the best way to keep this nutritious green veg on our plates year-round. But spring is a time when you can indulge in fresh peas. With a firmer texture than frozen, cooked fresh peas make an easy step up in texture for those babies needing to progress from smooth puree. And when well-cooked, they’re great for developing fine motor skills in little ones who are enjoying finger food. Take care with whole raw peas though, as these are a choking risk.

2. Leeks

A mild member of the onion family, the leek adds flavour to any meal. Try a spring vegetable medley of leeks with peas and zucchini, blended to the consistency that best suits your baby. Leek will also boost the flavour of meat, fish or chicken - simply cook together and blend with milk or water.

3. Mango

Everyone loves a mango. Sweet and juicy, they're one of Australia’s most popular fruits. Mangoes also make great food for babies. When ripe, they provide the perfect texture for pureeing, mashing or simply cutting into batons for small hands to hold.

4. Strawberries

While generally available all year round, spring heralds the strawberry’s peak in abundance. The perfect size for small hands, fresh strawberries make a great snack. And for smaller babies just starting their journey with food, they stew well with that first foods staple, the apple. Try adding a dash of vanilla for a special flavour treat.


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