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5 Tips For Getting First Birthday Parties Right

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A first birthday is not only a milestone for your baby; it’s one for the whole family. But, no matter how you plan to celebrate, just remember it won’t matter to your little one whether it’s a five star bash or lunch in the highchair with the grandparents in attendance.

If you do plan on throwing a party, here are my five tips for helping this celebration run as smoothly as any event can when it involves young children. They might seem obvious to you now but, sometimes, amid the distraction of having a one-year-old and trying to organise a special occasion, it's easy to forget the little things that make the difference!

1. Time it right
Be it a morning or afternoon event make sure you keep to sleep routines so your birthday star is well rested.

2. Take care with small and round
Many sweets are the perfect size for choking. And this risk is even greater when young children are excited and eating on the run. If you chose to have sweets for young guests, put them into party bags so parents can supervise when they at home once all the excitement is over.


3. Familiar with a twist
Young children tend to eat foods they are most familiar with - unless there’s lots of sugar and colour involved. If you want your birthday star and their friends to eat well, jazz up familiar food to make it more special. Try apple slices, grapes, melon balls or strawberries on paddle pop sticks, banana pieces rolled in coconut or hundreds and thousands, and sandwiches with simple fillings cut into shapes with cookie cutters.

4. Indulge in cake
It may or may not be their first experience with a treat like this, and some of the younger crowd may not even want to try it, but a great birthday cake is more than just the moment on the day for your little one. A first birthday cake will live on for them through photos that will tell their first birthday story for many years to come.


5. Cherish the time
First birthdays only come once, so take the time to enjoy the day with your little and recruit family and friends to help with preparations if you can.

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