Tips for Toddler Snacks

How To: Toddler Snacks And Snacks For Kids

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Toddler and Kids Snacks

Navigating the minefield that is the children’s snack foods aisle can be a nightmare.

Our most recent national nutrition survey Kids eat Kids Play reveals our children miss out on key food groups such as fruit, veg and dairy but still get way too much saturated (bad) fat, salt and sugar.

Research shows snacks make up as much as half of our child’s daily energy intake, so giving snacks as much attention as you would their other meals is important.

Mini-me, mini-meal

When shopping for toddler snacks and snacks for older kids, think ‘mini-meal’ - look for fruit, veg, whole grain, dairy or nut based snacks and resist ‘treat-style’ or party foods.

 Label lingo

Nutrition information panels will have answers to most of your questions. Check ingredient lists for additives, preservatives and colours. Look to nutrition information panels for goodies such as fibre and calcium or baddies like sugar, salt and saturated fat. Using the per 100g column makes product comparisons easy.

 When a baddy’s a goodie

Sugar is carbohydrate found naturally in fruits, vegetables and milk, and in these natural foods is a valuable source of energy/fuel for active growing kids.


Added sugar can be useful in small amounts in good foods that kids might otherwise not like - think flavoured milk and yoghurt or honey on porridge oats.  Foods high in sugar that lack other nutritious goodies are simply treat foods that have no place in everyday eating - save them for special occasions.


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