When to start introducing solid foods to your baby

How To: Know when baby is ready to Start Solid Foods

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Starting Solid Foods

The transition from milk to starting solids is a time of fun and experimentation for you and your bub. Don't let worries about how to do it right get in the way of your enjoyment.

 How to know when baby is ready to start solids

The rule of thumb for introducing starting solid foods to your baby is to begin by the time your baby is six months but not before they are four months. Babies grow best on breast milk or formula until this point however from around six months they need the extra nutrition and energy solid foods provide. As with any developmental milestone, your baby will ultimately dictate the best time to start.

 The clues to look for are:

  • Sitting with support and holding head steady
  • Sucking/chewing on fists, toys or absolutely anything within reach
  • Disappearance of tongue thrust reflex which protects from choking
  • Milk feeds no longer satisfy
  • There’s lots of interest in everything you’re eating

If your baby isn’t sleeping through the night, don’t pin your hopes on introducing starting solids like puree changing this – you may be disappointed. Babies have tiny tummies that need filling often, some more so than others. Time, growth and the maturity that comes with this is what it will take to give both you and your baby more sleep.

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