Baby Food: Introducing Lumpy Textures

How To: Introduce Baby Food Lumps and Bumps

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Don’t dawdle over puree baby food! Our guide informs you on the best ways to make the move to introduce more lumpy textures in your baby’s diet.

Why move from smooth baby food?

Smooth purees are fine for starting out but from around 7 months it becomes important to progress the texture of your baby’s food. Despite the lack of teeth your baby’s gums are hard and up for the challenge. Plus, chewing is important for the jaw and the muscle development that prepares your baby for speech.

Research also shows leaving it too late to start lumpier baby foods can result in fussier eaters and children who are reluctant to eat a variety of foods. Something we’d all like to avoid.

How to: move to lumpy textures

Begin by using baby foods that are pureed less for more texture or graininess. From this point move on to foods with a lightly blended or fork mashed texture.

This stage opens up an array of easy to prepare mashed foods for your baby such as soft ripe pear, mango, peach, banana and avocado. The Rafferty’s Happy Tummies Range is perfect for this stage.

How to: manage gagging

Fear about choking as textures progress is understandable. Be aware babies have a well developed gag reflex to protect them from choking. Stay calm if your baby gags. As a natural part of feeding development babies need to learn to regulate the amount of food in each mouthful and gagging is part of this process.

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