Baby Food

When creating our baby food, we think of our pint-sized customers as little foodies. Big foodies care about details like the quality, provenance and freshness of ingredients, food preparation and what happens in the cooking process. We consider the same things when we make Rafferty's Garden baby food for bubs.

  • Pear & Apricot Smooth Baby Food
    With nothing else but pear and apricot, you can rest easy knowing you’re offering the next best thing to homemade.
  • Organic Baby Rice Cereal
    Organic Baby Rice cereal contains certified organic brown rice, for energy, gentle fibre and iron. Make it up with water, breast milk or formula for a nutritious start to baby’s first foods.
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    Spinach, Apple, Broccoli and Pea is a wonderful green vegetable/fruit combo for hungry babies
  • Pear & Superberries Smooth Baby Food
    Pear and Superberries combine the natural sweetness of pears with antioxidant rich blueberries, blackcurrants and acai.
  • Apple, Banana & Peach Smooth Baby Food
    Apple, Banana and Peach doesn’t just taste great, it also provides carbohydrates that are important for fuelling small but busy bodies.
  • Blueberries, Banana & Apple Smooth Baby Food
    Blueberries, Banana and Apple kick off your baby’s flavour journey. But this combo is more than just good taste, with fruit sourced carbohydrates to fuel busy little bodies.
  • Pumpkin, Apple & Sweetcorn Smooth Baby Food
    Pumpkin, Apple and Sweet Corn give your baby a good start on those nutritious yellow and orange vegetables. Rafferty’s Garden nutritionist Karen says their colour comes from the antioxidant vitamin beta-carotene, which we convert to Vitamin A.
  • Apple, Pear & Cinnamon Smooth Baby Food
    We all know the saying “An apple a day…” and this apple, pear combo contributes to daily fruit intake. Spices such as cinnamon help enrich the natural flavours of fruit without the need for added fats and sugars so your baby gets premium food + nothing else.
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    Banana, Pear and Mango are great first fruits for a growing baby. This combo is bursting with the goodness of potassium and beta-carotene, which we convert to Vitamin A.

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